During marriages the gondolier wears a singular and distinctive livery, white and gold, according to ancient traditions.

The gondolier of the Queen of Venice is Said Rusciano, since he was 11 he has started learning one of the most famous jobs in the world.

For him to be gondolier is a mission to be proud of, he loves the tradition of his city and his profession, he is innovative, just as a young man can be. He is honoured to give his help to turn a simple dream into a wonderful memory that will last forever.

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The gondola

Launched on the 20th of January 2013, the Queen of Venice is a gondola full of art and history, that has been loved and arranged down to the last detail.
The “ferro” is the original and historical part owned by the gondolier Mario de Pià, who used it for taking Kings and Queens from all over the world to Saint Mark’s Square, including Lady Diana.
The engravings, carved by Franco Crea, one of the wisest and most trained shipwright in Venice, show the Battle of Lepanto.

The construction of the Queen of Venice took more than six months, such a long time if we compare to the fact that normally a gondola needs one month to be built.
Many craftsmen, who represent excellence in their own profession, have contributed to realize single pieces: the gold parts by Massimiliano Scarpa, iron and brass sheets by Matteo Rigo.
Handpicked woods have been used: mahogany for the structure, walnut for carvings and cherry-wood for “banchete” and “carega”.

The Queen of Venice has been created with passion and love for one of the most ancient and traditional professions in Venice, with the intent to guarantee the necessary details for celebrating such an important and unique day.


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